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❝References on simplicity in software engineering❞

These are references that I have used over the years to build up a mental model. This is far far far from complete. These are just the ones that came to mind. In particular, there must be 10+ references missing regarding OOP programming, the do’s and don’ts, the good and bad.



This is tricky. This is based on many years of incremental, gradual progress looking into and trying to understand programming, program structure, difficulty, programming paradigms, etc. Note that there is no point in trying to recall any of this verbatim. The idea is to learn from different circumstances, different design choices, alternatives, exploration, thought processes and whatever else you can discover. Build up a mental model. Good speakers in conference talks are generally clear in the underlying problem they are trying to solve, and then take you with them on the journey of how they solved it.

This lists all the references I remembered and was able to find again, or rediscovered. This is by no means complete. Not even close.

Object-Oriented Programming:



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